December Daily - catching up

Like I said in the freebie post, I seem to only do Christmas scrapbooking nowadays. The rest of the year I'm busy with other crafts. But I still love it.

So the last time I wrote on my blog about December daily I'd finished 2010 and was working on 2011. 

In 2012 I finished that album (in December...) and was intending on doing a 2012 album too. I had the cover done, pictures taken and journaling written. 

And then December 2013 was approaching. I wanted to do another album, so I wanted to get going on those pages for 2012. But then I discovered the online service I used to store the journaling I'd written had discontinued. Everything was gone.

There was no way I could piece together the whole album without the journaling. I wasn't sure what to do next. I made a new cover for 2013, and again took pictures and wrote journaling, making sure I had backups this time.

In October this year I got into the DD spirit. But what was I going to do with 2012? I decided to do a number of collages and add these as pages to 2013's album. I used my iPad to make the collages. 

So now I'm working on the (2012 &) 2013 album. I'm still less then a year behind! ;)

I intend to finish this one before Christmas and have a cover done for 2014. I'm keeping up again with pictures and journaling but who knows when I will start on the album. I kind of liked using DD to get into the holiday spirit this year and it's becoming something of a tradition to have last year's completed DD be a part of the next one. 


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