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Recently I got interested in coloring Magnolia (and the like) stamps using Distress ink. I'd been looking at Copics from time to time but I'm one of those people that would want all available colors and that's just WAY too expensive. Besides, I wasn't sure if the marker thing was for me. But then I read more and more about coloring with Distress inks. I had about 10 colors and I had some watercolor paper so I gave it a shot, and I loved it. So I went ahead and got the rest of the colors (some in ink pads and some in reinkers)


I haven't had time to do any cards yet, just tried out coloring a few times, but the organizational bug caught me up so I have some nice storage items for the ink pads and the drops of ink to color with.

I saw this system at a few bloggers that use distress ink reinkers for coloring. Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark them.

These are plastic boxes for beads I bought at Pipoos. They were on sale at the time which is always nice.


I watercolored and stamped using each color on some watercolor paper and wrote the name of the color on, and stuck that to the bottom of each box. Then add a drop of the colors in the box (in the case of the colors I have pads and not reinkers for, I used a bit of plastic sheet, in this case leftovers from used glue dots, and rubbed that on the pad and dropped it in the box)

At first I had all the pads in one long box that I could set up straight and lay down when I needed any, but I was looking for something better.

Soroya has made some wooden towers in the past but unfortunately she stopped making them. Then last weekend I was at a craft fair and I ran into some great storage towers from De Scrapheap . They store 12 pads each, so you need three to store the 36 standard colors. I don't have all the colors in pads, but I do have the limited edition fall pads heading my way and will probably get the christmas ones as well so I got three.

These are the towers as I bought them.

Distress ink towers

They're made from MDF, with slots in the sides to fit the pads. They fit perfectly, slide in and out easily. The only problem for me is that the oldest pads I had, which I bought back in 2006 seemed to be slightly higher than the rest, and they would get stuck. So I filed the plastic edge of the pads down a bit and now they fit just as well as the rest.

I painted the towers white using acrylic paint and covered them using GCD Rose Colored Glasses paper, which fits very nicely in my pink scraproom.

I haven't painted the inside, not because it was too much trouble, but because adding a layer of paint would mean the pads wouldn't fit properly anymore. I only painted the top edge on the inside. I love how they turned out. I think I haven't finished an alering project like this at all before but I'm certainly going to do more now. I have plenty of this paper left :)

Distress ink towers IMG_3699.jpg
Distress ink towers Distress ink towers


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