It never ends

I can't seem to stop adding to my craft curriculum. This week's addition: sewing.

When I was weaving I got the idea to make some fabric for a small purse. One that would just fit my phone, keys and some cards to take on bike rides and hikes. I have one like that but it's ugly. Later on I found some lovely fabrics at a craft store and figured it would be easier to use those, and it would be more lightweight as well. But then I wasn't sure where to start. I read some things online but terms like fusible interfacing made me hesitate. I'd only ever done a few very simple and improvised projects on the sewing machine.

Then, last week, I happened to discover a new craft store in Woerden, VanJans, which was closed at the time. So I checked their website and lo and behold, they had a "sew your own bag" workshop this week!

I learned a lot during this workshop and the enthusiasm of the teacher was contagious.

Is another craft love born? I don't know but I did order this book:

There's a sew along blog and Facebook group hosted by the teacher of the workshop for this book and next year they start a sew along for part two. If I get into this I'll may buy that and join in....

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