Scrap room!

Yes!! I have a scrap room! Well, that is, it's still a combined room (scrap & office/computer) but it's a lot better than the tiny corner in the bedroom I had. I managed to squeeze quite a bit in there but it really was a squeeze.

When I moved I had a pretty good idea what I wanted for this room so the basics where done pretty quickly but it took me some time to organize all my stuff the way I wanted. And now it's finished. Well, pretty much, there's still a few details to do but I want to show you what it looks like now.

I had the expedit and the paper station in my old place, the rest of the furniture is pretty much new. And you might have noticed, nearly all IKEA :) 3 billy's on the left, one for work, a galant desk and a table my dad made.

In the Billy's I have a whole bunch of small Samla boxes. 4 of those didn't really fit on one shelf, but if I raised 2 of the 4 a little the edges would be above their neighbors and it would fit. I ended up using DVD boxes to raise the boxes. I also thought they looked a little cluttered, being transparent, showing all the different content, so I made labels. The white cards are interchangeable so I can change them when the contents changes, the pink cardstock is hanging by embroidery thread :) through holes I drilled in the boxes using a Dremel. I used eyelets in the cards for the thread and beads at the ends. I used the BasicGrey Notch & Die tool (yes, that old one that was a bit of a hype but most, including me, didn't really know what to do with!) to create the half moon slits to slide the cards in. The cards are just printed on 200grams white paper and cut to size.

Here's the middle Billy from the front. At the top, the Samla boxes, then the flowers in Krus boxes, then Agen baskets with felt, fabrics, and such.

I have my punches in the tall Alex drawer cabinet.

In the top drawer there's stickles, floss, and embossing powder

I just got the new shelf inserts for the expedit, love those.

I also stocked up on the pink knubbig lights when they where dumping them a while back, creates a little atmosphere next to the cold but useful TL light.

On my desk I have my sharpies and other pens in four Rektangel vases, sitting on a Barfota candle dish (that dish unfortunately seems to be discontinued).

So this is it as of now. Above the expedit I have a 'little' project in mind. I'll show you that when it's done.

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