Using a Xyron 150 refill without the dispenser

I love the little Xyron 150 sticker maker, especially for die cut shapes and letters. I did find that you did not have a lot of control over the placement of your shapes and there was some waste with every use (unless you keep inserting shapes after the first lot, but sometimes you don't have anything to put in).

At some point I forgot to take my Xyron 150 to a crop and someone suggested you could use a refill without the dispenser. Since then I've done nothing else. I find you have much more control over the placement of the shapes/letters, are less likely to insert something upside down, and you can cut closer so you don't have as much waste.

Some people have asked me how to use it like this, and it appears to be hard to explain in text. The idea is exactly the same as using the dispenser. I've taken a few pics to show how this all works.


1. Inserting your shapes.

Insert your shapes face up in the slit as shown here. The bottom will be sticky, so the good side is facing up.

2. Inserting dots
Dots for your i and j letters and exclamation marks can be tricky, I've found that when you insert them normally they sometimes go upside down or even fall and dissappear. So I've found that the piece of white tape right below the 'mouth' where you insert your shapes is the sticky part, and you can put your dots carefully on the tip of your finger (right side down this time!) and push them carefully onto the sticky part, as shown here.

3. Pull
On the other side of the refill, pull on the tape to pull the shapes through.

4. Cut
Now cut the tape of where desired. Make sure you leave some (but not too much) tape sticking out of the refill to pull on!

Now just rub over the top of the tape and peel the plastic off, and you have your 'stickers'. Just like normal use.


2015-02/pullwarrows800.jpg 2015-02/insert800.jpg 2015-02/dots800.jpg 2015-02/cut800.jpg

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